Parkersburg, WV Train Wreck, Aug 1889


Three Men Instantly Killed and Four Fatally Injured.

The accommodation train, due at Parkersburg, W. Va., at 11:10 A. M., collided with a special east-bound train, carrying Baltimore and Ohio officials, at a point between Petroleum and Silver Run, twenty-five miles from there, on the main line on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. The accident was caused by wrong orders being given to the engineers.

The special train was ordered to pass the accommodation at Petroleum, the farther point east, and the accommodation to pass the special train at Silver Run, the farther point West. At the time of the collision both trains were going thirty-five miles an hour. They met on a sharp curve, and without a moment's warning dashed into each other, wrecking both engines and a baggage car, instantly killing Engineer LAYMAN, fatally injuring Engineer GEORGE ROWLAND, and instantly killing the two firemen, JAMES FLETCHER and JOHN BAILEY.

One of the officials, named HUNTER, was perhaps fatally hurt. A MRS. MANLEY, of Central W. Va., was badly injured. Councilman ROBERT MALLEY was cut and bruised. Baggagemaster ROSE was cut. A colored porter on the special was thrown through a glass door and probably fatally injured. There were some marvelous escaped.

The Cranbury Press New Jersey 1889-08-30