Wheeling, WV Train Wreck, Nov 1895


Terrible Accident on the B. & O. Road Near Wheeling.

Wheeling, W. Va., Nov. 3. --- The worst railroad wreck in the immediate vicinity of Wheeling for many years occurred shortly before ten o'clock this morning at Elm Grove, five miles east, of the Pittsburg division of the Baltimore & Ohio road. The Pittsburg-Cincinnati express commonly known as the “Cannon Ball,” jumped the track on a bridge over Wheeling Creek, owing to a broken flange on a wheel of the smoking car.

The engine, tender and baggage car kept the track, while the mail car, smoker and Pullman car went over a bank about sixteen feet high. The day coach completely turned over and the other two lay on their sides. The cars were completely demolished, seeming to have been thrown some distance through the air.

So far, only two deaths have been reported. A woman thought to be MRS. MIRANDA HARE of Kittaning, Pennsylvania, but not positively identified, owing to the way she was disfigured, jumped from the train and was instantly killed. The eight-months' old baby of LAWRENCE BARTLEY of Pittsburg was sitting on his father's lap when the accident occurred. It was so badly injured that it died in a few minutes, while neither father nor mother was hurt.

The exact number of injured is hard to get reliably. Nine were taken to the city hospital and three to the Wheeling hospital, while a number were at houses near the scene fo [sic] the accident. Ten or a dozen surgeons and the wrecking crew were summoned at once.

Not less that 10,000 people visited the scene of the wreck, the Wheeling and Elm Grove railroad running special excursion trains, all of which were crowded. Of those who were hurt several will die.

New Castle News Colorado 1895-11-09