Seattle, WA Fire, Jun 1910 - $500,000 Fire


Destroys Big Block and Many Homes---No Lives Lost----Rain Aids Firemen.

SEATTLE, Washington, June 11.----A fire that broke out on the northern water front during a hurricane last night was carried by the wind to a district to the eastward, thickly covered with wooden buildings, and in a short time twenty acres were ablaze causing a loss of $500,000 and rendering 500 people homeless.

The fire, starting at Railroad Avenue and Battery Street, destroyed all the buildings on six city blocks and picked out a wooden house here and there in the surrounding district.

Just as the firemen despaired of saving a large and populous area east of Second Avenue, the wind suddenly abated and a heavy shower fell, which materially aided in quenching the flames. So far as known only three persons were seriously hurt, although many firemen were slightly injured.

The district destroyed consists of the blocks bounded by Railroad Avenue, Second Avenue, Battery Street, and Vine Street. The largest buildings burned were the Galbraith-Bacon warehouses, covering an entire block, which were erected last year at a cost of $200,000; the Puget Sound, Sheet Metal Works, a storage warehouse filled with rubber insulated cables and electrical material, the Glenarchy apartments, a three-story brick structure, recently completed, and the Wallfirst Hotel.

Most of the buildings were small frame structures, used as saloons, dwellings, and lodging houses. Many people rushed out in their night clothes and sought refuge in private dwellings. Some families spent the night guarding their belongings in the open. Stockades were made of trunks, and furniture and blankets were used as tents to keep off the rain.

The Pacific Hospital, directly opposite the hottest part of the fire, was rapidly emptied of its patients, who were removed to the City Hospital. Afterward the building caught fire, which was extinguished before much damage was done.

The New York Times, New York, NY 12 Jun 1910