Cheney, WA Train Wreck, Jan 1911


North Coast Limited Crashes Into Burlington Express at Cheney, Wash.

SPOKANE, Wash., Jan. 4.---In the Northern Pacific yards in Cheney early this morning the North Coast Limited No. 2 stuck the rear car of Burlington passenger train No. 42, east bound. Three coaches were wrecked and five persons killed and many injured.

That the death list is no larger is due to the fact that there were only six persons in the Pullman sleeping cars. The Pullmans were smashed to splinters.

Among the seriously injured is H. F. Halley of New York, broken nose and hemorrhage of the stomach.

The Burlington train No. 42, east bound, arrived in Cheney in plenty of time to make the siding. An unexplained delay of five minutes saw the Burlington train still on the main line with the North Coast coming at high speed down the mile of straight track approaching the yards. The engineer of the North Coast train applied the airbrakes, but was unable to get the cars under control, and crashed into the rear of the Burlington at a speed estimated at from 35 to 40 miles and hour. The locomotive plowed through the standing train for three car lengths before it was stopped.

The New York Times, New York, NY 5 Jan 1911