Edwall, WA Airplane Crash, Jan 1951

Airliner Crashes West of Spokane

Craft Burns; Ten Aboard Feared Dead.

EDWALL (AP) - A Northwest Airlines plane crashed on an Eastern Washington farm Tuesday and a farm housewife said she "could see no sign of life."
A company spokesman at Seattle said there were believed to be 10 persons aboard, including a crew of three.
The airline office in Spokane said there were 10 persons aboard the plane. The Seattle headquarters of the company said the three crew members - part of the 10 - were LLOYD RICHMAN, pilot; ED GANDER, co-pilot and JOAN TABOR, stewardess, all of Seattle.
A party sent to the scene radioed the airline there was no chance of any survivors.
The plane crashed and burned on the ranch of L. E. BUNDY 3½ miles north of Edwall. That is approximately 20 miles west of Spokane.
"The plane crashed about 50 rods (830 feet) from our house," said MRS. L. E. BUNDY, wife of the ranch owner. "It's still burning (1:10 p. m. PST), and we can't see any sign of life."
"It looks like there are bodies scattered every which way from the plane. None of them are moving."
The airlines station said it had lost contact with the plane about 13 minutes after it took off from the Spokane municipal field for Yakima. The assistant station manager said passengers had boarded the plane at Spokane.
A light snow was falling at Spokane when the plane left.
MRS. BUNDY said it was snowing and the wind was blowing "rather hard' when the plane crashed. She placed the time of the crash at about 12:20 p. m. (Pst).
MRS. BUNDY could see the wreckage from a window of her home as she talked.
'I believe everybody aboard is dead," she said. 'There seems to be bodies around the crash, but we can't see any movement."
"The boys say it's even hard to tell if they're bodies."
'We've called the Air Force and the sheriff but nobody has come yet. The plane's still burning and there's nothing we can do. I wish they'd get here."

By MRS. L. E. BUNDY (As Told to the Associated Press)
EDWALL (AP) - The plane exploded about 50 rods (about 800 feet) from our house.
There were no big pieces left at all. The biggest I saw was a wheel but I didn't get very close. There was no sign of life. It was pretty grim out there.
It was scattered over quite an area right out from our farm house.
I was in the house with my husband and two children. The first we heard was a roar, like it was trying to gain altitude. Then it started down. It flew right over our house and crashed just beyond.

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