East Wenatchee, WA Fatal House Fire, Apr 1958


East Wenatchee, Wash. (AP) - A young mother who would have been 21 on Easter Sunday, and her year-old son died before dawn Saturday in a fire that destroyed their two-story frame home here.
The bodies of MRS. DELBERT EBY and the baby, still clutched in her arms, were found in the smoldering rubble of the home after it had been leveled by flames.
They perished after the frantic 23-year-old husband made a desperate futile effort to rescue them. EBY was burned over most of his body and was reported in shock at a Wenatchee hospital.
The EBY family and Eby's brother, Joe, 16, were asleep in upstairs bedrooms when the fire broke out about 4 a.m.
The brother awoke, smelled smoke and went downstairs. Flames spreading with almost explosive speed sealed off the stairway and prevented him from returning to help get the others out. He escaped through a door.
EBY, meantime, aroused and climbed through a window to the roof of a dormer below. He balanced there trying to help out his wife and child.
Just then the fire whipped up on the outside, searing him and causing him to lose his balance. He fell from the roof and further rescue attempts were hopeless.
The house was almost entirely in flames by the time firemen arrived. Cause of the blaze was not immediately known.
EBY said his wife was expecting another child late in the year.

The Daily Chronicle Centralia Washington 1958-04-05