Mt. Kit Carson, WA Tanker Plane Crash, Sep 1962

Fairchild airmen who had hoped to take part in a rescue mission became members of a salvage crew on Sept. 12, 1962, as they worked on the grim task of removing 44 bodies on Mount Kit Carson.

Technical Sergeant DONALD L. MOON, Coopersville, Michigan.
Airman First Class LAUREN M. MOREY, Harbor Creek, Pennsylvania.
Airman First Class EDWIN PASZEK, Grenville, South Dakota.
Captain RICHARD R. PECKSKAMP, Fargo, North Dakota.
Airman Third Class NICHOLAS POSVENCHUCK, Chicago, Illinois.
Technical Sergeant KENNETH A. QUINN, Manchester, New Hampshire.
Airman First Class LEMWOOD RABY, Lansing, Michigan.
Airman First Class JOHN R. RACKLEY, Willard, North Carolina.
RUSSELL WILLIAM READ, Shelbyville, Indiana, technical representative, AC Spark Plug Division, General Motors Corporation.
Captain VERLE H. RUSK, Decatur, Illinois.
Staff Sergeant LEROY F. SENG, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Airman Second Class SAMUEL H. SHIELDS, Elizabethton, Texas.
Airman First Class DOUGLAS E. SUTTON, Portland, Oregon.
Airman First Class ROGER E. TATUM, Waldo, Arkansas.
Airman Second Class MARTIN THRUSH, Perrington, Michigan.
First Lieutenant GRAY E. TILLMAN, Columbus, Georgia.
Airman First Class MYRON T. UMSCHEID, Emmetsburg, Iowa.
Private First Class JOSEPH WALKER, U.S. Army, Kansas City, Missouri.
Technical Sergeant LEAMON D. WOOD, Fort Worth, Texas.
Captain BOBBY R. WRIGHT, Oxnard, California.



I recently visited the site while stationed at Fairchild. Also recall seeing the memorial while stationed at Ellsworth AFB years back. Not much left on the mountain, site is located in a old logging cut.