Mt. Kit Carson, WA Tanker Plane Crash, Sep 1962

Fairchild airmen who had hoped to take part in a rescue mission became members of a salvage crew on Sept. 12, 1962, as they worked on the grim task of removing 44 bodies on Mount Kit Carson.

"The wreckage was scattered all over the side of the ravine. It was burned to a crisp. Outside of the tires, the remaining pieces were small enough to put in your pocket," said a newsman.
Fairchild Air Force Base lost radio and radar contact with the $3 1/2-million Boeing jet at 11:10
a.m. Monday as a late summer fog swirled around the mountains. Rain was falling as the plane neared Spokane.
Air Force helicopters and a party of 300 made up of airmen and police were searching through the rain, low clouds and fog when volunteers found the wreckage.

Daily Review Haywood California 1962-09-11

Casualty List:
First Lieutenand DAVID E. ALEXANDER, Forest Grove, Oregon.
Staff Sergeant CURTIS B. ALLRED, Spanish Fork, Utah.
Staff Sergeant WALLACE E. ASAY, Lovell, Wyoming.
Airman First Class WILLIE L. AVERY, Sacramento, California.
Senior Master Sergeant LEE BARNEY, Vienna, Louisiana.
Captain REED BARTLETT, JR., Steamboat Springs, Colorado.
Airman First Class RUBIN BAYTON, Brawley, California.
Airman First Class SAMMY J. BRETZ, Poteau, Oklahoma.
Airman First Class GERALD F. BURKE, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
Captain JOHN J. CRITZER, Steubenville, Ohio.
Airman Second Class DAVID DOLAN, Brementon, Wash.
Technical Sergeant JOHN L. DUNCAN, South Charleston, West Virginia.
Staff Sergeant ROBERT K. EVANS, Alvin, Texas.
First Lieutenant DALE D. GRAY, Keensburg, Colorado.
Airman Third Class ROBERT G. IVEY, Portland, Oregon.
Captain FRANK A. JOHNSON, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Captain STEPHEN F. KARLOWITCH, Nazareth, Pennsylvania.
Captain JAMES F. KASER, Lafayette, Indiana.
Master Sergeant GORDON F. KRAH, Kenosha, Wisconsin.
Staff Sergeant FRANCIS KUBAN, Fairfield, Connecticut.
Captain ROBERT W. LLOYD, Alhambra, California.
Airman First Class BILLY G. LLOYD, Walnut Hill, Illinois.
Staff Sergeant RAY A. MARTIN, Pontiac, Michigan.
Airman Second Class JOHN L. MEDLAND, Waterford, Wisconsin.

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I recently visited the site while stationed at Fairchild. Also recall seeing the memorial while stationed at Ellsworth AFB years back. Not much left on the mountain, site is located in a old logging cut.