Arlington, WA High School Fire, July 1934

Arlington WASH high school fire 7-11-1934.jpg



Everett, July 11 -- (AP) -- Fire destroyed the Arlington high school building, the domestic science and manual training buildings and several outbuildings and damaged adjacent dwellings today noon.
County Superintendent of Schools A. A. Mykland said the district's valuations showed the buildings on the Arlington high school grounds to be worth $52,000 and equipment $30,000. He said real value probably would be $100,000 for buildings and equipment.
Arlington is a prosperous agricultural and manufacturing city 17 miles northeast of Everett.

Flames Spread Rapidly.
Discovered at noon, when it was already well under way, the conflagration quickly swept through the home economics and domestic science buildings, which were frame structures, and then jumped to the high school, which was of frame construction within a shell of cast stone. It burned the school garages, but the district's ten busses were saved.
Residences near the school caught fire, but at one o'clock were reported to have been saved.
The Everett fire department, shortly before one o'clock, was asked for help, and Chief C. E. Swanson, a pumper and crew responded. But the fire was reported under control when they arrived.

Shortage of Water Handicap.
One report said the Arlington fire department was handicapped at first by a lack of water, but that it later received an adequate supply. Bucket brigades were formed and hundreds went to the aid of the department, attempting to salvage something from the fire or to prevent its spread.
Origin of the fire was not determined at once. It was showing through the roof of the manual training building when first observed and was out of control by the time the Arlington fire department reached the scene.

Centralia Daily Chronicle Washington 1934-07-11