Port Angeles, WA Coast Guard Helicopter Crash, Jan 1954


Port Angeles, Wash. -- (UP) -- Five coast guardsmen were killed yesterday when a coast guard helicopter crashed into the Strait of Juan De Fuca about a half mile from the coast guard air station landing strip.
Witnesses said the small tail rotor flew off the craft and seconds later the main rotor began to break up. The helicopter then plummeted about 800 feet into the water.
Four were identified as Lieutenant JOHN W. DAY, pilot; AD3 ROBERT A. CHAUVIN; AD3 DALE R. LITTLEFORD, and AD3 PETE A. PALOMBINI, all married and residents of Port Angeles. The coast guard did not immediately release their home town addresses.
The name of the fifth man was withheld pending notification of next of kin. (His name was AD3 WILLIAM J. GOODMAN.)

Modesto Bee and News Herald California 1954-01-21