Ravensworth, VA Train Wreck, Feb 1903

(By Associated Press.)

Washington, Feb. 16.--Further investigation of the Southern
railroad wreck, which occurred at Ravensworth, Va., early
Sunday morning, train No. 33, the New York and Florida
express, dashing into an open switch, confirms the opinion
that catastrophe was of malicious origination. A. G. Jones,
superintendent of the Washington division of the Southern,
says that the track is known to have been in perfect shape
only a short time prior to the wreck and an investigation
afterward showed that the lock of the switch had been
broken and had been taken entirely away. He is more
inclined to the belief that some enemy of the road desired
to wreck the train and that no robbery was intended.

Both Engineer John Purvis, whose home was in Alexandria,
Va., and Walter Wiggington, the fireman, who lived at a point
on the road, died at their posts and the former's body was found
under the engine and terribly mangled. Two postal clerks,
Victor P. Hammer and N.W. Borden, living in this city, were
injured in the wreck quite severely.

Fort Worth Telegram, Ft. Worth, TX 16 Feb 1903