Brandy Station, VA Train Wreck, Mar 1864

A SERIOUS RAILROAD ACCIDENT.---An accident occurred to the mail train on the Orange and Alexandria railroad, Monday evening, a few miles north Brandy Station, caused by the giving away of a brake on a freight car, which threw the train from the track, completely demolishing one car and badly injuring others. There were some horses in the car which was destroyed, but they escaped with slight bruises. The mail car was thrown down a slight embankment, making a complete sommersault[sic] and throwing the mail carrier and others into a pile, but they fell upon a large pile of newspapers and mail bags, which saved them from serious injury. Several soldiers were more or less injured, among whom were S. J. Houghtalin, 20th New York regiment, one of the guard on the train, who was badly wounded in the hand; James W. Marsh, slightly; John Matthews, slightly; all of the 3d Indiana cavalry, and W. Ruhm of the 4th New York cavalry, severely. One Littlefield was wounded in the hand. A negro named Dennis Paxe, belonging to the commissary department, was standing on the platform, and falling between the cars, was instantly killed. A number of others received slight injuries, but those mentioned are all who required medical aid. The train at the time was going at a slow rate of speed.

The Vermont Phoenix, Brattleboro, VT 25 Mar 1864