Richmond, VA Speeding Auto Crash, Apr 1969


Richmond, Va. (AP) - It was Easter Monday, and in the afternoon MRS. ESTELLE CHAVIS piled her six children and an adult cousin into the family car and took them to an Easter egg hunt.
The festive hunt ended by early evening. Sometime after 7 p.m. the eight got back into the car and headed back for Richmond from the Chesterfield County countryside.
The car, police said, reached a speed of more than 80 m.p.h. in a "drag race" along U.S. 1 with another automobile. And only a few blocks from the CHAVIS home in Richmond it went out of control.
In the wreck that followed, seven perished - MRS. CHAVIS, 35; her children BRENDA, 7; TYRONE, 8; DENISE, 12; RENEE, 9; and SANDY, 14, and the cousin, MOZELLE THOMAS, 42.

Child Survives.
One child - LLOYD CHAVIS, 11, survived but was in critical condition today.
Patrolman Kenneth E. Jenkins said the brakes apparently were applied when it approached another car from the rear.
It skidded 168 feet - the skid marks were clearly visible - then left the highway and hit a tree.
The car spun sideways and was thrown 33 feet through the air, slamming broadside into another tree.
So great was the impact that the automobile wrapped itself around the tree. Its front and rear bumpers touched.

Bridgeport Post Connecticut 1969-04-08