Natural Bridge, VA Bus Crashes In Rain, June 1936

C. F. WORRELL and CLYDE CARTER both of Birmingham, Ala., and like HAMILTON drivers for the Southeastern Greyhound Lines, were unhurt. The three men were en route to Philadelphia to return new equipment to the southern city.
WORRELL was the only person in the front seats who escaped alive.
The top of the bus was smashed down in the roll and many passengers pinned in their seats.
HUDGINS, who was one of the least injured, crawled out and ran through the storm to summon help. A rescue party sent seven of the injured to the Jackson Hospital at Lexington and put the remainder in an Emergency Hospital, hurriedly established in the hotel here.
RING, who was injured, and THOMAS WRIGHT, of Hollins, Va., a passenger who was unhurt, said they crawled out of windows after the smash.
The top, smashed down against seats in front, ballooned up at the back. This evidently saved those in rear seats from death.
The bus left Roanoke at 10:20 o'clock last night on its run toward the north through the Valley of Virginia. As near as witnesses could estimate the crash took place at 11:30 p.m.
Wreckers from Roanoke, 34 miles to the south, righted the wrecked bus at 3:30 a.m. and the bodies of dead were removed.
Physicians said that the younger unidentified woman who was dressed in yellow and was about 38 or 40 years old, died of shock. She was not injured.
The funeral home here prepared to send HAMILTON'S body to Birmingham today.

Casualty List
The dead:
J. J. OLDERSON, formerly of Birmingham, Ala., resident Roanoke past three months.
J. P. HAMILTON, Birmingham, a bus driver.
An unidentified white woman of about 38 years old.
Another unidentified white woman.
A white man, possibly JOHN KEESEE. (Letters in his pockets were addressed to John Generak, General Delivery, Tazewell, Va., and carrying the return address 1495 Newton St. N.W., Washington.)
The injured were at Jackson Hospital, Lexington and at Natural Bridge Hotel, here. They are:
At Lexington:
MRS. ALLEN BERMAN, 855 West End Avenue, New York City, fractured pelvis and scalp lacerations.
ALLEN BERMAN, gasoline burns.
PHIL ROBERT BERMAN, fractured lower jaw.
MISS ELIZABETH TYLER, Bristol, Tenn., cut nose and fractured rib.
HENRY D. EISEMAN, 19, 1095 Edgehill Road, Richmond, Va., fractured arm, both legs.
T. E. CONNORS, 4164 Green Avenue, Brooklyn, bruised hip.
The following are being cared for here:
RONE ISBELL, United States Army, Camp Dix, N.J.
MRS. PAUL BOLLIVERO and MISS NORMA BOLLIVERO, 312 Bartlett Street, New Orleans.
E. N. BESSEMER, Route Four, Birmingham, Ala.
LIZZIE McSWEEN, Picayune, Miss.
BUDDY ATWELL, Richlands, Va.
VIRGINIA NELSON, 632 Willowbrook Street, High Point, N.C.
KATHERINE STIMIER, Route One, Cumberland, Md.
O. B. RING, 920 Avenet Avenue, Roanoke, Va.
B. T. BORNETT, Bluefield, W. Va.
T. M. FAYETTE, Martinsville, Va.
HORACE HUDGINS, Christiansburg, Va.
MRS. JIMMY FISHER, negro, Wheeling, W. Va.
MARY LOUISE JOHNSON, negro, Bedford, Va.

The Bee Danville Virginia 1936-07-01