Patrick Springs, VA Train Wreck, Feb 1909


Engine Turns Turtle in Southwest Virginia, but Passengers are Safe.

Special to the Washington Post.

Danville, Va., Feb 19.-The engine of Danville and Western train No. 22, eastbound, turned over early today near Patrick Springs, 75 miles west of here, injuring four people. Those hurt are:

Engineer F. H. Ragsdale.
Fireman W. R. Anglin.
Brakeman Hoyt Rogers.
Brakeman Critz Dalton.

Engineer Ragsdale, the most seriously hurt, was severely scalded by escaping steam. The cause of the accident is not known. The wrecked train consisted of both passenger and freight coaches. None of the passengers were hurt.

The Washington Post, Washington, D.C. 20 Feb 1909