Marion, VA Airplane Crash Kills Five, Oct 1936

Five Killed as Plane Crashes in Virginia; Two Army Fliers Burned to Death in Texas

MARION, Va., Oct. 25 — Four persons
died almost instantly late today
and a fifth succumbed a half
hour later of injuries received when
an airplane crashed just after taking
off from Marion for Bluefield,
W. Va.
The dead were listed as follows:
William T. Mitchell, 30, owner
and pilot, of Bluefield.
Charles Hendry, 40, of Marion.
R. B. Tidewell, 30, of Bluefield.
Mr. and Mrs. F . A. Chappell of
Welch, W. Va.
Officials said that Mr. Mitchell
and his party, after spending the
day here with Mr. Hendry, took off
for Bluefield with the intention of
having dinner there.
"He -was flying low over the golf
course," Dr. VS. H . McCarty said,
"so low t h a t I tried to yell that he
would not make a high hill just
Witnesses said that the pilot apparently
thought he could safely fly
over the hill and had almost
reached it when he "gave the plane
the gun and it nosed almost straight
Investigators 'were told the ship's
motor then appeared to falter and
the plane hurtled nose first into the

BRYAN'S MILL, Texas, Oct. 25
UP) — Two army fliers, tentatively
identified as Captain Charles Howard
and Corporal Edward Gibson
of Langley Field, Va., were burned
to death here today when their
twin-motored bomber crashed during
a heavy rain and exploded.
Major B. S. Thompson, commandant
of Hensley Field, army airport
at Dallas, said that he was certain
Captain Howard was pilot of the
plane. A keyring and papers found
on the body of the other man were
the basis for Gibson's identification.
The ring bore the notation:
"E. N. Gibson, 8th A. S., Scott
Field, 111." A wallet containing
pilot's license No. 210043, issued to
Edward Gibson, Ninety-sixth Bombardment
Squadron, Langley Field,
was found near the wreckage.
ARDMORE, Okla., Oct. 25 UP).—
The crushed body of Frank E.
Ormsbee, of Fort Worth, Texas, a
Bureau of Air Commerce patrol
pilot, was found today near the
wreckage of his plane on a mountainside
northwest of here.

Oct, 26, 1936 edition of The New York Times