Norfolk, VA Train Wreck, Aug 1902


Three Dead and Many Injured In Crash On Bay Shore Line.

Norfolk, Va., Aug. 25.---In a head-on collision between two cars on the Bay Shore Terminal line yesterday afternoon three people were killed and many others badly injured. The dead are: W. S. Yandell, motorman; C. B. Colden, motorman; Linwood Fentrees, aged 10 years.

Among the seriously injured are: W. R. Waller, brother of Major S. W. T. Waller, R. J. Davis, George Stephouson, Mrs. J. P. Stephenson, Joseph White, conductor; Mrs. Victor Parks, skull fractured, and Louis Parka, internal injuries, expected to die.

One car was coming from Ocean View and the other going to the View. The orders were that the shorebound car should wait at the siding for the other. Motorman W. S. Yandell failed to obey the orders, and the crash came 400 yards beyond the siding. Yandell endeavored to jump, but was crushed between the telescoped cars and died hanging by his right leg. Motorman C. B. Colden, of the other car, applied his air brakes as soon as he saw the danger, the collision occurring on a curve, and then tried to jump, as did, Linwood Fentress, the 10-year-old son of R. B. Fentress, president of the Norfolk Cold Storage and Ice Company, who recently purchased extensive subway franchises in Baltimore. Both Colden and young Fentress were caught under the platform of the shorebound car, which piled up on the other, and were killed outright. Colden's head was almost torn from his body and both legs were cut off. The Fentress boy was crushed to death. Both cars were full of Sunday excursionists and few escaped uninjured.

The News, Frederick, MD 25 Aug 1902