Norfolk, VA Tornado, Nov 1971


Norfolk, Va. (UPI) -- Two small tornadoes hopped across three areas Wednesday, damaging homes and tossing trees into the air, but causing no serious injuries.
The first twister ripped a roof from an appliance store and damaged a motel, both near the center of Portsmouth, before jumping to a residential center where it tore trees from their roots and pulled off roofs.
The first tornado also cut off power to Portsmouth General Hospital, where a patient was about to undergo surgery. But authorities got emergency power on quickly and the operation was delayed by only a few minutes.
The twister then jumped across the Elizabeth River and ripped through downtown Norfolk, where it shattered plate glass windows.
The second tornado came a few minutes after the first and danced through a section of mobile and fixed homes in the northeast corner of Norfolk. One mobile home was picked up and carried 30 feet and then dropped upside down.
Authorities in Norfolk estimated damage at about $400,000. No estimate was available in Portsmouth.

Kingsport Times Tennessee 1971-11-04