Bennington, VT Hunts Crossing Train Wreck, Apr 1873

Serious Railroad Accident---Many Persons Wounded.

RUTLAND, Vt., April 3.----The mail-train over the Harlem Extension Railroad that left Rutland at 9:05 o'clock A. M. to-day, met with a serious accident at Hunt's Crossing, one-half mile north of Bennington Station, caused by the spreading of the track. The locomotive and a milk-car passed safely, but the baggage-car, mail-car and a passenger-coach were hurled from the track down an embankment about twelve feet high. The coach was turned over, and remained bottom up; the smoking and mail cars were badly smashed, and the tracks scattered in all directions. The following is a list of the wounded, as far as ascertained:

C. S. MALTBY, of Millerton, N. Y., leg and arm broken.
S. S. CROMACK, of Bennington, Vt., injured about the head and shoulders.
Miss JULIA MATTISON, of Shaftsbury, Vt., wrist dislocated.
Miss WOODCOCK, of Manchester, Vt., injured about the head.
R. F. HURD, of Arlington, flesh wound and contusion over the eye.
H. B. BROWN, of North Adams, Mass., severely injured.
M. R. SACKET, of West Lebanon, cut about the head.
FRANK WILDER, of Rutland, Vt., baggage master, and several others from Bennington, were hurt about the head and shoulders.

Superintendent White, assisted by Conductor McClure, and the other employes[sic] of the train, promptly rendered all the aid in their power to make the injured passengers comfortable. The road in now clear and the trains running regularly.

The New York Times, New York, NY 4 Apr 1873