Pittsford, VT Train Wreck, Apr 1873

Accident on the Rutland Railroad.

RUTLAND, Vt., April 5.----The New York and Boston night express train for Montreal, which left Rutland, over the Rutland Railroad, at 4 o'clock, this morning, nearly two hours behind time, met with a serious accident was caused by a Vt., station. The accident was caused by a land-slide; part of the bank off a high out sliding off on to the track, taking with it an old stump and the roots of a tree. The train was proceeding at full speed when it struck the stump, and the locomotive was thrown off and almost buried itself in the bank of the cut. The baggage-car dashed by the locomotive and went down an embankment, some fifteen feet high. The locomotive and baggage-car were badly smashed, but the rest of the train, consisting of three coaches and the New York and Boston sleeping-cars, were but little damaged, and no one was hurt. The track was cleared in a short time, and the passengers were sent on by the next train.

The New York Times, New York, NY 6 Apr 1873