Brandon, VT Train Wreck, Jul 1889


BRANDON, Vt., July 10.---The north-bound sleeping train for Montreal on the Central Vermont Railroad was ditched by a wash-out a mile north of here early this morning. Four passengers were injured, but none seriously. The train hands all escaped. The engine and five cars were badly wrecked and travel will be delayed about twenty-four hours.

The train was running slowly---about eighteen miles an hour---and the accident was consequently not so serious as if a higher speed had been maintained.

The injured are : John M. Reardon, Island Pond, Vt.; Baggagemaster McCloskey, Montreal, and J. E. Creed, P. K. Peck, and Wallace Ross, Rutland, Vt.

The swollen stream that caused the wash-out was due to a cloudburst early this morning, which gullied all the highways in the vicinity, undermined several buildings, and washed out the track.

There were about two hundred passengers on the train, including sixty children sent out by the Fresh Air Fund Committee. Most of the passengers have been transferred and have proceeded to their destinations.

The New York Times, New York, NY 11 Jul 1889