East Clarendon, VT Train Wreck, Jun 1906


Rutland Railroad Engineer Lone Victim of Peculiar Accident.
Special to The New York Times

RUTLAND, Vt., June 20.----A wreck which resulted in the killing of Engineer HARRY S. DAVIS of this city and the narrow escape of a whole train load of passengers, occurred at the East Clarendon Station on the Rutland Railroad this afternoon when the express, which left this city at 2 o'clock, was struck by a runaway freight car which was coming down the mountain at a terrific rate of speed.

The car, which was loaded with four-foot pulp wood, broke loose at East Clarendon, and started down the sharp incline. When the car passed Cuttingsville, three miles south of East Clarendon, the operator at the former place notified the East Clarendon operator that it was coming, and to put the express on to a siding.

This the operator tried to do, but just as the express came to a standstill the wild car came around a sharp curve, running into the engine. Engineer Davis jumped from the right side of the engine and was caught under a pile of pulp wood and timbers at the bottom of a thirty-foot embankment. He was killed almost instantly. Fireman George Ryan jumped from the left side and was not injured.

The forward part of the engine was badly damaged and the car was demolished. None of the passengers were injured.

The New York Times, New York, NY 21 Jun 1906