Randolph, VT Train Wreck, Jun 1911


Twenty Passengers Hurt in "Side-swiping" at Randolph


Engine of the Freight Extra Sticks Out Over Main Line and Cylinder Head is Torn Off.

(Special to the Messenger)

Randolph, June 20.--Another accident was added to the toll on the Central Vermont railway this morning at 2:50 o'clock when north bound Montreal sleeper, known as train No. 1, "sideswiped" the engine on the south bound freight extra, which was on what is known as the west siding. The cylinder on engine No. 415 projected out into the right of way of engine No. 211 on No. 1 and the crash the cylinder on the freight engine was torn off and filled one coach with steam, scalding 20 passengers before they were able to escape out into the open.

Thirteen of the injured were at once taken to the sanatorium here, burned about the head and hands, and were attended by local doctors and the railroad surgeon, Dr. F. T. Gartland, of White River Junction, who was on the scene of the disaster as soon as possible. The two other injured passengers were able to continue on their journey.

The injured:

Mrs. Mary McGee, of Lowell, Mass., both hands, head and chest scalded.

Fred T. Hebert, of Pawtucket, R. I., hands, forearms, face and neck scalded badly.

Mrs. Hebert, wife of F. T. Hebert, hands and forearms scalded.

F. Girdlestone, of Boston, Mass., hands badly scalded.

Felix Archambault, of New Worcester, face and hands badly scalded.

A. Laporte, of Southbridge, Mass., hands, forearms and face scalded.

E. E. Gaboriel, of Southbridge, Mass., hands and face scalded, very slight.

Joseph B. Goodreault, of Montreal, face and hands scalded.

Mrs. Dora LaLumiere, of Northbridge, Mass., arms, face, and neck slightly scalded.

Marshal Gantpier, of Lawrence, Mass., face and hands scalded.

A. Bean, of Montpelier, nose slightly scalded.

Frank Mitchell of Northbridge, Mass., face slightly scalded.

Edward Marrow, of Woonsocket, R. I., Face slightly scalded.

George Paquin of Lowell, Mass., face, neck, both hands, forearms, and ankle scalded.

R. L. Deasey, (mail clerk) of St. Albans, head slightly bruised.

Oscar P. Smith, of Worcester, Mass., face, hands, and forearms.

Willis, Demasie, and Antonio Belaire, of Montreal, face and hands scalded.