North Wilbraham, Freight Train Wreck, Jun 1900


There was an ancient at North Wilbraham yesterday afternoon about 3 o’clock, in which three erratic freight cars and the engine of the Worcester-Springfield freight due in this city a little before 6, figured. The engine, whose beat is at North Wilbraham all day, pushed several freight cars up the steep hill from the Cutler grain works to the siding beyond the freight-house. The air brakes were then put on to stop them, but three rebellious cars broke a coupling and started on a voyage of their own. The head brakeman got frightened and jumped off, and the cars rolled along on to the main track just in time 9to strike the right side of the engine of the local freight in charge of Conductor Hill, which was then en route for home. The fireman jumped, but the engineer, Solomon Meanor, stayed a few seconds, until it was apparent that he would be injured if he remained longer, and he then threw himself back into the tender. One grain car was tipped over, and the engine sheathing torn off and some other damage done. An engine from this city went out and brought in the crippled train. No one was hurt.

Springfield Republican, Springfield, MA 12 Jun 1900