Woodside, UT Train Wreck, Aug 1910


Freight Trains Collide Near the Town of Woodside last Monday.


Engineer and Fireman Are Injured - Engines and Cars Wrecked.

Only through the rare presence of mind of BERT YANCEY, conductor of east bound passenger train, No. 8, which left Salt Lake City, Monday night, engineer NASH, and foreman NESBITT of the fast freight No. 65 a terrible disaster would have occurred, in which hundreds of lives would have been sacrificed. Near Woodside, 45 miles east from here, both trains, running on schedule time were approaching each other. Conductor YANCEY, on looking ahead, saw what appeared to be a red light in the block signal. He at once pulled the air-valve and brought his train to a stand still. Train No. 65 going at a slow rate of speed crashed into the passenger head on. The engine crews of both trains, LOPAZ NESBITT, engineer NASH, and a brakeman were injured, fortunately not seriously.

The wrecker and physician were sent to the scene from here and from Green River, and near by trains, other physicians were also summoned. The cause of the accident is being investigated by the railway officials.

Later an investigation was held between the railway officials and trainmen which, we understand, with some uncertainty that the crew on No. 65 were found at fault. That they had orders to take a side track which they did not take. They kept on the main line, running at a slow rate of speed.

The investigating committee consisted of N. A. Williams, Div. Supt., W.J. Bennett, Master Machinist of Salt Lake, S. D. Mahoney, Asst. Master Machinist of Salt Lake, J. H. Snyder, traveling engineer; Supt. Buckheal of Salt Lake and five trainmen representing the crew. Engineer Lopaz of No 8 was not able to be present at the meeting.

Carbon County Utah 1910-08-19