Castle Gate, UT Coal Mine Disaster, Mar 1924

Castle Gate UT Memorial Marker.jpg Castle Gate UT Mine memorial site.jpg CASTLE GATE UTAH

Castle Gate, Utah, March 9. -- (AP) -- Ten charred and mutilated bodies had been removed, Sunday, from mine No. 2 of the Utah Fuel company, in which 175 miners were entombed, Saturday, as the result of an explosion. About 20 other bodies had been located, but had not been removed from the mine. Gas in the inner recesses of the mine is hampering the work of rescuers, it is understood. It is generally believed all of the miners perished.

There are approximately 20 bodies on one of the slopes in the mine, but it is impossible to reach them because of obstructions, according to two helmetmen who came out of the workings at 6 o'clock in the evening.

Brave Deadly Gases.
Five of the removed bodies were identified as GEORGE HARRISON, WILLIAM POLLOCK, W. A. BERG, GEORGE FILLSTEAD and JACK THORPE. Two bodies, headless and badly charred, have not been identified.

The interior recesses of the mine are filled with poisonous gas, according to helmetmen, and they have to proceed cautiously. There is no shortage of men willing to risk like to get to comrades within the mine.

Two helmetmen were overcome, and late Saturday, GEORGE WILSON, head of a crew from Standardville, died from asphyxiation when the nose piece of his helmet became detached several hundred feet inside the main portal.

Work In Bitter Wind.
Rescue crews are getting better organized, but just how long it will be before all of the mine can be explored is uncertain. A United States bureau of mines car arrived Sunday from Wyoming and government officials are lending all possible aid.

The Knights of Phythias hall here is being used as a morgue and the bodies recovered from the mine have been taken there.
The mine in which the disaster occurred is located in Castle Gate creek canyon and Saturday, Saturday night and Sunday a bitter cold wind swept down it from the north, causing great inconvenience to those laboring at the portals.