Overton, TX Train-Auto Wreck, Mar 1933

Four Dead, One Injured as Auto Struck by Train

TYLER, Texas, March 10 (AP). - Four persons were killed and one injured when a train hit an automobile near Overton late Friday.

The dead: Mrs. Fred Russell, Ella Jean Russell, about 3 years old, a one-year-old son of Mrs. Russell and Fred Russell, 40.

Willie Merl Russell, 6, suffered a concussion of the brain and severe head injuries. He was taken to an Overton hospital with his father.

The family was driving about the oil fields when Russell started across the Overton-Henderson branch of the Missouri Pacific lines. A freight train hit the car directly, killing the two children instantly. Mrs. Russell died in less than an hour. Mr. Russell died at a hospital later.

The family came here about a year ago from Sweetwater. Russell was an oil field worker.

The Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 11 Mar 1933


My Mother survived this wreck

Just a little more information I can give since it was my mother that survived this accident.
First the names are not accurate The father is Fred Russell, mother Anna Belle, Willie Merle age 6, Oscar Earl 8 months and my mother Nella Jean Russell (now Nella Jean Sword) she was 3 yrs old.
The vehicle in the accident was a pickup truck with sideboards. On the morning of march 10th 1933, The whole Russell family went over to the house of J.B. Porter to buy or borrow a Cow and a Calf. When they left the friends house, Mr Porter offered lead the Cow for them. When they drove upon the railroad tracks the truck died. The track curved and there was a lot of trees and brush where you could not see very far down the track. Fred tried to push the truck off the track but without warning the train (Actually a switch engine) struck the truck . My mother ended up being the only survivor of the wreck. she was in the Hospital for over 3 months with sever back injuries. She later went to live with here grandmother, Lucy Anderson in Seagraves Texas.
I would love to know if anyone knows more about this accident or its actual location in Overton. Please email me at [email protected] I have been to the town of Overton TX.but could only find the gravesite of my mothers family.