Galveston, TX Street Car Accident, Dec 1893


Galveston, Tex., Dec. 29. - Miss Louisa B. Rice, a member of one of the oldest and best known families in Galveston, was run down by an electric motor of the street railway company to-day and so severely injured that she died in a few hours. The accident occurred at the corner of avenue L and Seventeenth street about 2 p. m. Motorman Mike Brennan was arrested and held on a charge of murder to wait a full investigation into the accident. Brennan stated that his car was moving very slowly and that the unfortunate woman walked upon the track directly in front of the car, that the dashboard struck and pushed her aside and she fell from the force of the shock, her feet resting upon the railroad track between the front and rear wheels of the motor and the rear wheels passed over them. He says that he had no idea that Miss Rice did not see the car and her movements were so deliberate that he made no effort to stop the car, being in ignorance of the fact that she was very deaf. He stated further that he could have stopped the car easily, but supposed that she was herself going to stop and let the car pass and so did not cut off the current. Miss Rice was between 45 and 50 years old and was very deaf, her infirmity necessitating her carrying an ear trumpet as a means of communication with others.

The Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 30 Dec 1893