McDonough, TX train wreck, Dec 1893


Engineer and Fireman Buried Under the Engine and Brakeman Injured.

San Antonio, Tex., Dec. 29. - A most disastrous wreck occurred at McDonough, eighteen miles west of here on the Southern Pacific railroad at 4 o'clock this morning. Some miscreant, supposed to be a tramp, drove a bolt between the point of a split switch and the rail flat and when an east bound freight train struck it the engine was thrown from the track and almost off the right of way, turning completely over, heading toward the west.

Engineer Frank Taylor and Fireman N. E. Turner were buried under the engine. They were both extracated a short time after the accident occurred. Turner had both legs crushed off and was internally injured. He will die. Taylor was badly bruised but escaped fatal injuries, although he was buried under the heavy engine.

The tender was thrown a distance of 150 feet and turned upside down. Nine freight cars loaded with silver ore, beans and barley were piled on each other and several of the cars were badly demolished.

T. J. Weed, had brakeman, was sitting on top of one of the cars when it left the track and received serious injury to his spine.

A special train from San Antonio conveyed the company surgeon to the scene of the wreck and the wounded were given medical attention and brought here this morning.

Later - Fireman Turner died of his injuries. He was a single man, about 25 years old, and has a brother residing in Marshall, Tex.

The Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 30 Dec 1893