Ennis, TX Train Accident, Oct 1912


Body Found Beside Track and Is Not Identified.

Special To The News.

Ennis, Tex., Oct. 16.---An unidentified white man about 30 years of age was discovered lying dead beside the Houston and Texas Central tracks in the north yards here at 8 o'clock this morning, both legs having been cut off below the knees and were lying several feet from the body.

Justice Carter viewed the body. There were no letters or other identification papers on the body, but his handkerchief was laundry-marked "R.C.S." He wore low-quarter shoes, which had been purchased from Murphy at Sherman. He was a small man and had three upper gold teeth.

The body was brought to a local undertaker and at least 400 people have viewed it, but none has been able to identify it. A local barber says he shaved the man a few days ago, but knows nothing about him.

The body was buried by the county here this afternoon. The undertaker says death evidently came before midnight and the body was not found until 8 a.m.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 17 Oct 1912