Borger, TX Oil Well Explosion, Apr 1927


Borger, Texas, April 14 (AP) - The dead in the fatal oil well nitro blast of Wednesday stood at three Thursday night, with three others in hospitals, and it had been ascertained that the casualties were not caused by a premature explosion, but by the forcing to the surface, from gas pressure, of a time bomb. The accident occurred at the Anderson-Pritchard No. 1 Yake, north of the Canadian River.

The dead: EDDIE DAME, member casing crew, ROY SPARKS, member casing crew, FRED WORKMAN, member casing crew.

The injured: ROBERT H. THACKER, tool dresser; J. F. MARSHALL and ARTHUR JAMES.

The body of EDDIE DAME was blown to fragments when the blast scattered the derrick and sent shreds of the wooden rig flying over a wide area. SPARKS and WORKMAN were brought to the General Hospital here, where they died early Thursday from burns and injuries.

Those working at the well thought the time bomb at the bottom of the well, when it suddenly appeared at the surface, exploding immediately.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 15 Apr 1927