Woodbine, TX Train Accident, Oct 1900

Body Cut to Pieces.

Special To The News.

Denton, Tex., Oct. 29.---The body of an unknown man was found cut all to pieces near Woodbine by the train crew of the Missouri, Kansas and Texas passenger train No. 19. The head, one arm and both legs had been almost severed from the trunk. No clew[sic] has been discovered as to the identity of the person, whose body was picked up by the crew and taken to Whitesboro.

Gainesville, Tex., Oct. 29.---A young man about 20 years of age, name unknown, was run over and killed five miles east of Gainesville today by the eastbound Wichita Falls and Dallas Missouri, Kansas and Texas passenger train. The body was terribly mangled, both legs and his left arm being cut off. The remains were brought to this city and Justice Rogers held an inquest. There was nothing on the body by which it could be identified. The young man was seen about the Katy depot here this morning and stated that he was en route to Wolfe City and shortly afterward left afoot on the Katy track toward Whitesboro. When caught by the train he was lying across the track, apparently asleep.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 30 Oct 1900