Brownsville, TX Train Engine Explosion, Dec 1908


Engineer and Fireman on Rio Grande Road Seriously Injured; Latter Perhaps Will Die as Result.

Special To The News.

Brownsville, Tex., Dec. 31.---A message from Point Isabel, twenty miles below here, states that as the engineer and fireman were getting the engine in readiness to start to Brownsville with the regular return train on the Rio Grande Railroad the engine exploded and both men received very serious burns.

Juan Licea, the fireman, was knocked out of the cab and thrown twenty feet away by the force of the explosion, the escaping steam burning him very badly about the entire body and inflicting what may prove fatal injuries.

Engineer Michael Guezara was very seriously scalded on the arm, face and shoulders. His injuries are not as serious as those of the fireman.

News of the accident was telephoned to Brownsville and another engine was sent down to take the train up from the Point, and also to convey the injured men to Brownsville for medical treatment. Both reside at Brownsville.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 1 Jan 1909