Dayton, TX Two Car Collision, Sep 1963


Dayton, Tex. (UPI) - An automobile skidded broadside into another car on a rain-slick Texas highway Monday and 10 persons died in the worst single Labor Day accident reported in the country. An 11th person was critically injured.
There were 11 persons in both cars and the only survivor was TROY LYNN ODOM, 9. His condition was critical. The smashing collision left broken glass and blood all over the highway - State Highway 146, a mile south of Dayton.
Dayton is 39 miles east of Houston.
"The fire department had to bring in trucks to wash away the scene," Highway Patrolman Buddy Bean said.
One of the automobiles involved was from Lufkin, in east Texas. The other was from Mont Belvieu in southeast Texas.
The car from Lufkin, evidently traveling fast, skidded on wet asphalt broadside into the car from Mont Belvieu. The car from Lufkin was split almost in two.
Three bodies were thrown out of the wreckage. One was thrown 42 feet from the wreckage. Most of the victims died on the spot but some lived long enough to die in hospitals.
PEGGY ODOM, 12, lived several hours but never regained consciousness.
The victims, in addition to PEGGY ODOM, were:
CARL E. ODOM, 33, of Mont Belvieu, Tex.
JUNE ROBERSON ODOM, 34, of Baytown, Tex.
MRS. CARL ODOM, 33, of Mont Belvieu.
MATT. S. ODOM, 37, of Mont Belvieu.
KEITH EDWARD ODOM, 6, of Mont Belvieu.
MARSHALL DOYLES TYNES, 21, of Pasadena, Tex.
YVONNE CLARK, 25, of Lufkin.
DALE EUGENE CLARK, 11, of Lufkin.
Seven were riding in the ODOM car. The others were riding in the car coming from Lufkin.

Kingsport News Tennessee 1963-09-03