Durango, TX Tornado, May 1892


Elements Conspire Against Live and Property.

Seven People Killed Outright at Durango and the Place Nearly Wiped Out.

The following is a list of fatalities and casualties at Durango. There were four killed outright and about forty wounded. The following is the list:

JOHN REAVES, leg and collar bone broken.
MRS. REAVES, unconscious and fatally hurt.
JOHN BOLAN, badly injured may die.
Two children of Mr. Weathers expected to die.

Reports from the Falls county line indicate a more serious condition. Stock was killed near Eddy and loss of life is reported at Durango, Falls County. It was between Durango and Chilton that the storm overtook L. H. Kiffel and W. N. Jellyman, two drummers, the former representing Moore, McKinney & Co. of Galveston, and the latter Fairbanks & Co. of Chicago. These gentlemen were in a two-horse buggy. The tongue broke, leaving the team in the road, but the buggy with its occupants was blown through a barbed were fence fifty yards into the adjoining field. The two shipwrecked drummers arrived here today. They appeared to have had a bad night.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 2 Jun 1892

A year or two after the greatest immigration to the railroad, an anticlimax in the history of Durango occurred when a memorable storm, on May 30, 1892, struck the southern part of the settlement. Houses and trees were destroyed by the tornado. Five persons were killed Mr. and Mrs. Tom Weathers and their two children were killed instantly, and Miss Bessie Farmer was fatally injured.

A History of Western Falls County Texas by Lillian Schiller St Romain, 1951