Dallas, TX Truck And Automobile Crash, Jul 1956


Dallas (UP) - Police said today that as far as they can determine, LOUIS McNEAL, 27, a Negro who was driving a truck that killed five persons Tuesday was blameless.
In addition to the five killed, six other were injured, including McNEAL. LARRY BREWER, 10, of Arlington, one of the injured was still in critical condition.
All of the other injured were improving at Methodist and Parkland Hospitals. Accident investigators believed that one, HARVEY McDOUGAL, 15, of Kemp, could be questioned soon.
"We are going to refer this case to the grand jury," Lt. P. W. Lawrence of the police traffic accident investigation department said. "We don't believe that the driver of the car ever saw the truck."

Twin Among Victims.
The victims were:
JOHN McLENDON, 36, El Paso;
GARRY BREWER, 10, of Arlington, Larry Brewer's twin;
and PEGGY BREWER, 13, Arlington.
The bodies were all at the Anderson-Clayton Funeral Home at Terrel. No funeral arrangements have been made so far, though relatives were expected to decide later today.
The injured in addition to McNEAL, LARRY BREWER, and HARVEY McDOUGAL, are MRS. JUANITA BREWER, 31; MRS. DOROTHY McLENDON, 35, of El Paso; and JANIE BREWER, 7, of Arlington.
All of the dead and injured, except McNEAL were in the automobile. Police thought the fact that 10 persons were in the automobile may have made it impossible for the driver to see.
The driver was believed to have been JOHN McLENDON. He turned from a relatively quiet side street into Ledbetter Drive (Loop 12), one of the busiest streets in Dallas.
The truck, loaded with six tons of concrete blocks, hit the car broadside. McNEAL said he didn't see the car until he hit it. He had the right-of-way and police said he wasn't speeding.

Brownsville Herald Texas 1956-07-25