Wink, TX Stunt Plane Crash, May 1934


By The Associated Press.
Thirteen persons fell to their deaths in airplanes over the weekend.
Stunned by its first major tragedy, Wink, Texas Monday prepared for funeral services for a youthful pilot, two 12-year-old boys and a man who plunged to death in an airplane crash that ended an airport dedication celebration.
Department of commerce officials launched an investigation of the crash that took the lives of HARRY LYNCH, 23, pilot; WILLIE RAVEL, 28, formerly of El Paso, and BOBBIE FESLER and BRUCE ANDERSON, both 12, of Wink late Sunday.
Nearly 1,500 spectators - most of Wink's population - looked on horrified as the plane turned down wind into the field at an altitude of 200 feet, went into a spin and burrowed into the ground. The plane folded up within 150 feet of the throng of men, women and children.

Lieut. FRANK J. FINDLAY, 30, of Detroit, and Private GEORGE J. SCOTT, 27, of the seventeenth pursuit squadron, died in flames near Port Huron, Mich. Their Selfridge Field plane fell and burst into flames just after a takeoff. FINDLEY was a reserve officer with inactive status.

A plane borrowed without the owner's consent, crashed and burned near Muscatine, Ia., killing MAYNARD LUKAVISKY, 20, of Muscatine, a student pilot, and JAMES HENICK, 23, of Fort Des Moines.

An accident near Lincoln, Neb., killed ORRIN O. JONES, of Litchfield, Neb., and JAMES V. MEADE, 19, of Oakridge, N.J. JONES was teaching MEADE to fly.

Three Washington, D.C. men were killed in a fall into Chesapeake Bay. The body of WILLIAM C. POWER was recovered shortly after the accident Saturday but the bodies of the other victims, RALPH H. BANGS and MALCOLM B. ZAHN, were not found until yesterday. BANGS was the owner and pilot of the plane.

Paris News Texas 1934-05-21