Oplin, TX Tornado, Apr 1922

Oplin, small Callahan County village, apparently bore the brunt of the storm. Four known dead, one missing, thirty-five injured and immense property loss is reported. Many houses were demolished, wires are down and the full extent of the damage has not yet been determined, long distance reports to The Star-Telegram said.



BAIRD, Texas, April 8. -- Four are reported to have been killed, with one baby missing and between thirty and thirty-five persons injured in a storm with struck Oplin, twenty-five miles south of here, this morning. Property damage was reported great, but detailed information could not be had because of the swollen condition of streams and destruction of telephone and telegraph wires.

Mrs. C. P. Condiss and two children, it is reported, were killed in their home at Oplin, while the small child of John Loftos, living about eight miles from town, was killed and a baby blown away.

All available physicians and surgeons left Baird this morning for the scene of the disaster.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Fort Worth, TX 8 Apr 1922