North & Central Texas Tornado, Apr 1922

Part of the Storm Damage at the Hospital, Cisco Storm, Apr 1922 Garage Lifted Over Car by the Storm of Apr 5, 1923, Cisco, Texas



Winds of cyclonic proportions Saturday morning visited a wide area west of a line drawn north and south through Fort Worth, taking a toll of twelve dead, scores injured and property loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars, according to dispatches to The Star-Telegram.

Oplin, small Callahan County village, apparently bore the brunt of the storm. Four known dead, one missing, thirty-five injured and immense property loss is reported. Many houses were demolished, wires are down and the full extent of the damage has not yet been determined, long distance reports to The Star-Telegram said.

The Cross Roads section of Runnels County, near the little Bohemian-German town of Rowena, was razed.  There six known dead have been reported with several injured.  Farm homes were demolished, the school building was a complete wreck and many people were forced into a blinding rain scantily clad. The storm struck in that section about 1 o'clock this morning.

Damage in Oil Fields.

Reports from Caddo, oil town in Stephens County, are that fifteen houses were demolished, several injured, one seriously, and 150 derricks in the oil field blown down.

Approximately $15,000 damage was inflicted at Cisco, in Eastland County, were one woman, Mrs. R. W. Turner, is expected to die.  Plate glass in several business houses was blown out, a number of small residences razed and six or eight persons slightly injured.

Damage at Electra, oil town in Wichita County, is expected to reach thousands of dollars.  Two storm victims there are in an unconscious condition and a score of others were injured.

Lawton, Okla., reported two killed, several injured and heavy property loss.

Fair Grounds Wrecked.

At Cleburne the buildings of the Johnson County Fair Association were wrecked, a number of other buildings were demolished, several injured, among them Mrs. Walter Baker, whose hurts are regarded as serious.

Rains, accompanied by hard winds and vivid electrical displays, are reported from all sections of West and North Texas, and apparently the downfall has been general.

The general trend of the cyclone seems to have been northeasterly from Cross Roads in Runnels County, through Cisco, Caddo, Electra and to Lawton, Okla. The disturbance at Cleburne appears to have been local, no other point in that vicinity having reported any damage as yet.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Fort Worth, TX 8 Apr 1922