Fort Worth, TX Young Man and Horse Killed by Lightning, Sept 1897


Latest Particulars of the Death of Charlie Howell [sic]

Charlie Norvell was a young man between 17 and 18 years of age.  He was a farmer and trader and lived with his father, one brother and three sisters one mile southwest of town.

Yesterday Charlie was sitting on his horse near the court house fence on the square here during a thunderstorm, when a flash of lightning instantly killed him and his horse.

The young man never drew a breath after he was stricken, and the horse scarcely moved a muscle.

Physicians from different portions of the square were quickly by the side of the unfortunate young man, but all prnoounced [sic] life extinct.  A large crowd collected, and friends bore him to a table in the court house to await the coming of his father, whose grief at the unexpected occurence [sic] can be imagined.

Charlie was conveyed to his father's residence and will be buried today.

Several men standing near were knocked down but were not seriously hurt, and the Morris hardware house caught fire but was quickly extinguished.

Fort Worth Morning Register, Fort Worth, TX 12 Sept 1897