Waelder, TX Horse and Buggy Accident, Aug 1879

GONZALES.  The Argus regrets having to announce the untimely death of Elisha J. Kindred a highly respected citizen of Gonzales county, living near Waelder.  It seems, from the reports which have reached us, that Mr. Kindred, wife and little child, were proceeding to church in a buggy drawn by two horses; that on the way the lines were caught under the tail of one of the animals, which frightened it and caused the both to commence running, and that Mr. K., while endeavoring to extract the line, fell over the dashboard and received internal injuries from which he died a few hours later.  His wife and child, though receiving some painful bruises, were not seriously injured.

Galveston Weekly News, Galveston, TX 14 Aug 1879