Dallas, TX Truck Slides Off of Turnpike, Apr 1966

Truck Slides Off Pike Exit; Man, 45, Killed

A huge truck, fully loaded with 30,000 pounds of meat, slid out of control and plunged 183 feet down a steep embankment on the Stemmons exit of the Dallas-Fort Worth Turnpike Monday, killing one man and critically injuring another.

The dead man, a passenger in the truck bound from Fort Worth to Florida, was identified as Johnny Duncan, 45, of Fort Worth.

The driver, in critical condition at Parkland Hospital Monday night, was identified as Wilton Register, also 45, of 1010 Northwest 15th St. in Fort Worth.

The freak accident occurred at 4:25 p.m. as the truck rounded a curve onto the turnpike exit leading to Stemmons and Commerce.

OFFICERS OF THE Texas Highway Patrol said meat supended(sic) inside the trailer apparently shifted all its weight to one side as the truck rounded the curve, causing it to tip over.

The truck overturned as it crashed over the guard rail at the approach to the exit, ripped through another 125 feet of railing and came to a stop at the bottom of the embankment.

Duncan was thrown from the cab as the impact ripped the right door from the truck, officers said. Register was pulled from the crushed cab with multiple internal injuries.

Dallas police, who were routing traffic through the area late Monday, said the truck, was listed as leased by Watkins Motor Lines Inc. in Fort Worth. Work crews labored for hours before removing it from the embankment.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 12 Apr 1966