Timpson, TX Tornado, May 1935

Two Killed in Shelby Cyclone

(By The Associated Press)
Timpson, Tex., May 18.-Sweeping along a path about 50 yards wide and dipping down in an area about one and one-half miles long in Shelby county, a cyclone this afternoon killed two people, injured a youth and blew down three houses and damaged others.

The people killed were J.T. Phillips, 69 years old, and his wife, 57. They were occupants of a tenant house on the farm of H.H. Screws, six miles west of Timpson, on Highway 22. The house was wrecked. They were alone in the dwelling at the time.

Mr. Screws’ store was also destroyed and one of three youths who had taken refuge on the porch of the store was slightly hurt on the head by falling debris. Merchandise from the store was blown away. Mr. Screws’ residence, which was only about 75 feet away, apparently was out of the path of the main part of the storm and was damaged only slightly.

Two negro houses were blown away but no one was in one of them and the occupants of the other fled from the house before the storm struck.

Times-Picayune, New Orleans, LA 19 May 1935


Phillips and his wife were in their home six miles west of Timpson, Tex., when the tornado struck. Their house was torn to pieces. The bodies were found 100 yards away.

Times-Picayune, New Orleans, LA 19 May 1935