Round Rock, TX Private Plane Crashes, Oct 1982


Round Rock, Texas -- A twin-engine plane trying to land in a field near here Tuesday crashed into a barbed-wire fence and exploded, killing the two people aboard, authorities said.
The plane, which had taken off from a suburban Austin airport 13 miles away, "was experiencing trouble" when the pilot tried to land the plane about 8:22 a.m., 2 1/2 miles northeast of Round Rock, Department of Public Safety spokeswoman Denise Munson said.
Killed were the plane's pilot, RONALD SPROULL, 47, of Cedar Park and a passenger, SANDRA JACOBSON, 31, of Austin, Ms. Munson said.
Both victims were dead at the scene, said Round Rock Fire Chief Lynn Bizzell.
SPROULL'S body, which was not burned, was found 200 yards from the main wreckage, Bizzell said. MS. JACOBSON'S badly burned body was found lying under one of the aircraft's engines, he said.
The plane hit a fence and flipped end-over-end, Ms. Munson said.
"There was an explosion," Bizzell said. "You could see where the fuel was scattered through the field and where it had burned some trees. The fuel spill evidently caused the explosion. When we got there, there were small fires around the scene."
The wreckage was scattered for 200 to 300 feet, Bizzell said.

Galveston Daily News Texas 1982-10-20