Yarrellton, TX Airplane Crash, May 1934


Bodies Charred By Flames In Cameron Accident

By The Associated Press

SAN ANTONIO, May 30.--Two Randolph field soldiers, one a former air mail pilot who returned to the service when commercial air mail contracts were cancelled, were killed Wednesday when the plane in which they were riding crashed at Yarrelton, a few miles north of Cameron.

The dead are:

Private Byron K. Newcomb, 42, whose sister, Rose M. Margreaves, lives at Kansas City, Mo., and Private Marlin S. McCready, 25, whose mother lives at Palestine, Texas, both of the 52nd school squadron, Randolph field.

The BT2B training plane in which the men took off from the field for Palestine fell in flames.

Newcomb, a reserve officer, was on an aviation training flight and McCready was his passenger.

Newcomb received his flight training in the army air corps training center in 1920 as a sergeant, later serving as an instructor. He then went to Selfridge field where he served in a tactical unit after which he was discharged and entered the air mail service. He returned to the army upon re-enlistment less than a year ago.

Owing to his having a reserve commission and being on flying status, Newcomb was in the habit of making regular training flights of which this was one.

The plane nosed down to the ground but made only a small depression in the earth at the point of contract {sic}, indicating that its occupants were attempting to make a forced landing from a low altitude, Cameron residents declared.

By the time aid arrived at the scene the plane had burned and the two fliers were dead.

Abilene Morning News, Abilene, TX 31 May 1934