Sagerton, TX Train - Auto Wreck, Jun 1937

Injured Couple's Condition Better

STAMFORD, June 26. (Spl.)--Favorable report on condition of Mrs. R. W. Neuman, Crosbyton, injured when the car in which she and her husband were riding struck a train standing on the tracks at Sagerton Saturday night, was given by Stamford Sanitarium attendants today.

Mr. and Mrs. Neuman, former residents of Old Glory, were returning to their Crosbyton home after visiting with their daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Davis of Old Glory, and Mr. Neuman did not see the train until too late to avoid the collision. He was badly shaken up and bruised. Mrs. Neuman was brought to Stamford Sanitarium in a Kinney ambulance.

Abilene Reporter News, Abilene, TX 28 Jun 1937