Lufkin, TX Killed By Live Wire, Nov 1922



Lufkin, Tex., Nov. 12. -- J. D. ADAMS, 62 years old and CARMEN BIRD, 15, although half a mile apart, were instantly killed this afternoon when they came in contact with a wire fence charged by a high tension wire which had fallen on it. MR.
FORSYTH, a neighbor of ADAMS, was severely shocked trying to help him.
The wire fence extends for three-quarters of a mile along a road in the suburbs of Lufkin. For a considerable period this afternoon it was charged with death to anyone who touched it. That more fatalities did not result is only accidental.

Storm Overturns Pole.
MR. ADAMS was killed in front of his own house. One of the poles belonging to othe Lufkin Light and Power Company blew down during a storm this afternoon. A high current wire was broken and came in contact with the wire fence. It formed an almost perfect contact. There were no sparks, nothing to indicate that to touch the fence meant death.
About the same time CARMEN BIRD, in a field out of sight of the first tragedy, started to go through the fence to the road. He touched one of the fence wires charged with heavy voltage. He dropped back into the field dead.
MR. ADAMS had been a resident of Lufkin for many years. He is survived by a widow and several grown children. BIRD leaves his mother and several brothers and sisters. One of his sisters, Sally Bird, is a telegraph operator at Orange, and left this afternoon for Lufkin on hearing of the tragedy. The family had formerly resided at Orange.

San Antonio Express Texas 1922-11-13