Coleman, TX 15 Drown in Cloudburst, Jul 1900

15 Drowned By Cloudburst.

Two of the Dead Were Men Who Lost Life Attempting to Save Children.

Coleman, Texas, July 17.-Fifteen lives are known to have been lost in a cloudburst here yesterday. Ten bodies have been recovered, but only two were identified. They are JOSEPH SPATH, leading merchant of the village, and JOHN FOULEIASTEIN.

It is feared that many more lives were lost in the valley below Coleman. The cloudburst, which followed three days of unprecedented rainfall, caused Ford’s creek to burst its banks and rush through Coleman, a village of less than 1,000 inhabitants.

Bewildered citizens roused from their slumbers rushed into the streets and were swept away. Many were saved by catching hold of pieces of timber and navigating them into eddies formed by the swift current, when they were drawn ashore.

Spath and Fouleiastein managed to mount their horses. They dashed into the water and swam their horses to a house where four little girls were screaming for help. Each rescued two of the children, whom they took upon their horses. The animals were swept away, however, in an effort to stem the swift current, and all were drowned.

New Haven Register, New Haven, CT 17 Jul 1900


In A Valley Of Death

At Least Fifteen Lives Lost By A Cloudburst Yesterday In Coleman County.

Ten Bodies Are Recovered

Rescuers Are Still At Work And It Is Thought The List Of Dead Will Be Longer.

Many Houses Were Washed Away

A Creek Meandering Down the Valley Became a Mile Wide Almost in an Instant.

Special To The News.
Coleman, Tex., July 16.-About 3 o’clock this morning a cloudburst fell on Hord’s Creek, above this place. A heavy rain had fallen here and the creek was bankfull.

A little after 8 o’clock this morning a tremendous wave was seen coming down the valley. Before any one could realize the impending disaster the whole valley was filled with water and the creek was nearly a mile wide.

A number of residences and camps were washed away and many lives were lost. It is known that fifteen people were drowned, among them JOHN EULEISSTINE and J.O. SPATH. SPATH and EULEISSTINE were engaged in rescuing four little girls, each having two on his horse when all were washed away.

Ten bodies have been recovered and search is being made for others.

SPATH was one of the leading citizens of this place.

It is not known how many lives have been lost along the course of the creek, and the worst is feared.

The damage to crops has been great, but the loss of life overshadows everything else.

Ten Bodies Recovered.

More Are Believed to Have Lost Their Lives in Ford’s Creek.

Special To The News.
Santa Anna, Tex., July 16.-After a six weeks’ drought this country was visited with a fine rain. On the headwaters of Hord’s Creek THERE WAS A CLOUDBURST AND A BUG RISE IN Hord’s creek, drowning several people. Up to 8 p.m. ten bodies have been recovered, and it is not known as yet how many more are drowned.

Home creek was also on a big rise, but no lives were lost so far as known.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 17 Jul 1900


All Were Drowned Together

Two Men Lost Their Lives Trying to Save Some Little Girls Who Were in the Path of the Wave.

Special To The News.
Temple, Tex., July 16.-A special to the Tribune says:

A terrible waterspout took place at Coleman his morning at 7 o’clock. A solid wall of water twenty-five high came down Fords Creek, washing away houses, camps and everything in its reach. Fifteen people are known to be drowned and many more may be, as there were many strangers camped along the creek, which grew to be nearly two miles wide.

ODE SPATH, a prominent merchant of Coleman, and another man were drowned while trying to rescue some little girls who were drowning. At 5 o’clock nine bodies had been recovered and the search is continued.

Several washouts have occurred on the Santa Fe Railroad, Big rains have fallen all over this part of West Texas.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 17 Jul 1900


List Of Casualties In Coleman Disaster.

The number of deaths caused by the cloudburst at Coleman, Texas, may never be known. Eleven people are known to have perished in the rush of waters, and it is believed that several campers in the valley below Coleman were caught in the flood and swept away. The known dead are: M. PATE, MRS. M. PATE, BERTIE PATE, LIZZIE PATE, J.N. CHEEK, MRS. L.N. CHEEK, ANNIE BROWN, IVEY BROWN, J.O. STACEY, JOSEPH PATH, JOHN ENLISSTINE.

It is almost certain that others have been drowned, and for miles along the creeks below the town hundreds of people are engaged in a search for bodies.

Labor Advocate, Birmingham, AL 21 Jul 1900


List Of The Dead At Coleman

So Far as Known Seven Perished in the Cloudburst.

Galveston, Tex., July 17.-Communication was finally established with the flooded town of Coleman late today and a list of the dead, so far as known, was secured. The dead:

J.N. CHEEK and wife of Milam county, Texas.
M. PATE, wife and two daughters, Bertie and Lizzie of Comanche, Tex.
J.O. SPATH, al of Coleman.

Hole Creek, seven miles south of Coleman, is also on the rampage, great damage being done by a cloudburst which struck Coleman.

Omaha World Herald, Omaha, NE 18 Jul 1900


A Narrow Escape

Miss Willie Day and Party from Dallas Came Near Being Victims of the Coleman Cloudburst.

Miss Day’s party very narrowly escaped being victims of the awful flood at Coleman, her uncle, Mr. W.H. Doss, having invited them to be entertained by him at his house instead of as was at first planned camping on Hord’s creek at the place where so many lost their lives the same night.

At Valera, where their special car was sidetracked, the rain fell in torrents and washed away the track for two miles.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 22 Jul 1900