Meridian, TX train wreck, Jul 1900


A Double-Header Runs into a Still Freight Train, Killing One of the Firemen.


Meridian, Tex., July 16 - At 11 o'clock last night a serious wreck occurred near the depot in this place, on the Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railway. A southbound freight train had sidetracked for the northbound local and was standing near the south end of the switch. The northbound train, which was a double-header, came in at good speed and jumped the track at or near the south end of the switch and ran into the train, standing on the sidetrack, and in a moment's time tree engines, two heavy trains, cattle, watermelons and human beings, lay in one demolished heap on the track. Two cars of cattle and three cars of watermelons and a great deal of other goods were entirely lost.

A. Fisk was taken from under the engines, dead. He was a firemanon one of the trains and had headquarters at Cleburne.

Engineer W. H. Bassinger and Fireman Frank Brooks, both employes of the Santa Fe road, were dangerously injured. They were immediately sent to the hospital at Temple.

T. French, a fireman on one of the engines, was also injured, but it was reported not seriously so. The wreckers are working rapidly, but no other injured or dead persons have been discovered so far. Transportation of all kinds on the road is blockaded. The company is sidetracking around the wreck.

The Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 17 Jul 1900

Engineer Baysinger Scalded and Fireman Brooks Bruised.


Temple, Tex., July 16. - Engineer Baysinger, scalded and bruised, and Fireman Frank Brooks, bruised in the back and chest in the double-header wreck at Meridian last night, were brought to their homes here this morning. The engines split a switch and ran into another train. Fireman Adam Fisk was killed outright, and Engineer French was also bruised. Three engines and ten cars were wrecked. The track was blocked for twenty hours.

The Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 17 Jul 1900