Tyler, TX Train And Auto Collision, May 1984


Tyler, Texas (UPI) -- A freight train crashed into a car Friday, demolishing the vehicle and killing the driver -- as the motorist's mother watched from a window at her home.
MRS. GREG BIXLER saw the Missouri-Pacific train crash into the small sports car as it crossed the tracks behind her home, but the vehicle was so badly damaged she did not realize immediately it belonged to her son, police said.
A neighbor later informed her that GREGORY EARL BIXLER, 21, was killed in the accident.
"The car was so demolished she didn't immediately recognize it," said police Sgt. Nelson Downing.
The engineer of the 15-car train said the freight was traveling around a wide sloping curve at approximately 20 to 25 mph when the car crossed the tracks.
Police said BIXLER evidently did not see the train and drove across the tracks. The train broadsided the car, pushing it 840 feet before coming to a halt, Downing said.
The car ended up directly behind the home the victim shared with his parents and sister.
The accident happened at one of six intersections without flashing lights on a two-mile stretch of track, police said.

Syracuse Herald Journal Syracuse New York 1984-05-12